Repair Services

Repairing tape and electrical controls-  Repairing METERS (eg: no indications of indicators)

–  Repairing tapes D12A, D12C, D12D, D13 D9, D7, (eg: lack of communication, power, problems with cold cassette)

–  Repair harness

–  Full diagnostics of all electrical and pneumatic systems

–  Help and repair on the road

–  Help buying a car

–  Repair of ADBLUE

Engine tests – our engine tests include:

–  Measurement of the pressure gauge on fuel (road test)

–  The measurement of compression pressure gauge (time about 6h., Necessary to dismantle unit injectors)

–  Test the tightness of the intake and exhaust

–  Measure the sensor boost to the full extent of its operation (time to respond to changing pressures and temperatures, the comparison with gauge indications)

–  Testing the computer (the parameters of sensors, the actual consumption, balance compression and unit injectors )

–  Road test after diagnosis and repair