About Us

We are mobile company, which deals with repairing electronic devices and selling original parts to the lorries, mainly Volvo and Mercedes.

Our company is not related to Volvo Poland limited company and does not lead her authorized service and sales.

We guarantee the installation and repair of electronics (cassette control trucks, buses, construction machinery and production equipment) and professional diagnosis of electrical equipment for the first time.

We can solve most problems related to electronics and fine mechanics at reasonable money in a short time. Taking into account the needs of customers’ vehicles and machinery on-site services provide the base state, the site of failure (high cost of towing), the construction and all other places where the broken vehicle access is too expensive and time not to jump. Our access to the car will be much cheaper and faster.

We have a great deal of knowledge, most of the special tools, extensive technical knowledge and work with the best electronics vehicles. We give advice on how to sleep in the possibility of failure of the driver or mechanic.